Keynote with Stormy Peters


  • Stormy Peters


  • We should make people aware of how their info is being used

Growing a Community

  • As companies get involved we wonder about the direction of the community
  • Reach out to new people, because it can be intimidating
  • When you meet someone, you have 3 seconds to make an impression * Based on your hair * And then shoes
  • When you respond to a bug report, or mailing list post, this is their first impression * Make it a good one
  • Python groups are great for this outreach
  • Study says learning something new is worth a 20% raise * old job needs 20% more money vs. new job with new tech
  • Some like to be famous (cue chuckles)
  • Some get involved because they are paid to
  • Some for ideals of free and available
  • Stay because of the community
  • Community is better when you can measure the impact of members

Open Web

  • Believes in an open web * Shows phone that boots to Gecko * Someone in Mongolia wrote about how excited they were for access to books * Could send html books instead of text messages
  • People made huge sacrifices to make ease of use with open and free software * Stay up all night to get a modem working
  • Free != open * Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it has the ideals of open software
  • We haven’t defined what it means to have an open web service
  • I want you to host my data, but what kind of access do I need to make it open?
  • You may create a web service that puts you into a position you don’t want to * Give users tools along the way so that they don’t feeel disempowered
  • We need to help change the world so we get fewer phone calls
  • Things to help this (Mozilla examples) * Do not track movement * Browserid (now Persona)
  • Backup is important, as well as delete
  • “Are you sober enough to publish this picture?”