Cherry-picking for Huge Success



  • Framework/Language fights are boring. Just use the best tool for the job.


  • 2006: Rails, XML API
  • Now: JS Frontend, Erlang/Java

Does Ruby Suck?

  • No, and neither does Python
  • Both are great for prototyping
  • Application changes over time
  • Will rewrite


  • Build small applications

  • Combine into a larger one

  • Builds foundation to experiment * Move dbs, etc.

  • Crossing language boundaries
    • Rewrite
    • Use a different library
    • Implement a service

Agnostic Code

  • Example of depending on Django too much

  • Instead of importing from Django, pass it in
    • Class instance, parameter
    • Make it specific, but not more


  • Drop down to WSGI
  • Usually too specific, if you only need just the url

Protocol Example

  • Compared to Python iterables
  • Flask views return wsgi apps
  • Can dispatch to a Django application, for example


  • Compares any iterable that is hashable and comparable
  • Overly specific would be strings, though that’s the main use case
  • Real world use to diff HTML docs
  • Plugin Genshi to difflib to accomplish this

Interface Examples

  • Serializers
    • Missed examples


  • To build apps we need merge points for smaller apps


  • Used with most Python web frameworks

  • Often not enough

  • Provides a framework independent environment

  • Middleware can be useful mergepoints, though overused

  • Cannot consume form data in WSGI, inject uniform html, etc.

  • Libraries that help with this
    • Werkzeug
    • WebOb
    • Paste
  • Can write short helpers to dispatch from e.g. Django to WSGI


  • Language independent
  • Cacheable
  • Harder to work with, complex
  • Can do proxying, nginx
  • Caching layers for scalability
  • Problem: Need to keep them running
  • Language independent library
  • cUrl


  • More modern TCP Socket

  • Language independent

  • Different topologies
    • push/pull
    • pub/sub
  • Easier than HTTP

  • No caching

  • Non gracefully dies

  • No broker infrastructure

Message Queues

  • Similar to ZeroMQ

  • In reality, a different problem

  • Can run tasks outside request/response

  • Different codes, languages to run code

  • Accessor Library: Celery

  • Don’t assume code to be nonblocking

  • Greatly simplifies testing

  • Redis queues are a good start
    • ~20 lines of code to build your own

Data Store

  • Using the same db for different apps
  • Works well as long as everyone plays nice


  • Remote datastructures
  • Shows bash example of a queue worker


  • It’s awesome
  • Geeks hate it
  • ugly, can be abused
  • Use Coffeescript
  • Decouples frontend by using different services
  • Examples:, Battlefield 3 game lobby
  • Can efficiently transform the DOM
  • Backbone.js
  • Testing sucks for others


  • Daemons can be annoying to run
  • Processes can have different privileges
  • Tune individual processes
  • Upgrade parts to python3
  • ZeroMQ/HTTP to operate together